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Valheim meals and cooking: all recipes in Valheim


How do you prepare dinner in Valheim? Valheim has by no means been brief on meals and recipes, however with the latest Fireplace & Dwelling replace, the sport’s cooking system has been considerably expanded and overhauled. Gone are the times when practically each animal dropped the identical generic sort of meat, or when you possibly can prepare dinner sausages with out the correct spices (ugh, so bland, you monster). The buffs supplied by among the authentic meals have additionally been rebalanced, so learn on for an up-to-date culinary information to Valheim.


All recipes in Valheim and the place to prepare dinner them

Valheim: edible uncooked meals

Characters in Valheim do not really have to eat to outlive (that is an afterlife, in spite of everything), however meals can present Well being and Stamina buffs that may imply the distinction between (un)life and (one other) loss of life when in fight. At its most elementary stage, you possibly can forage meals from the sport’s varied biomes, or domesticate crops in your base. Some — although not all — of those uncooked components could be eaten as you discover them for a low-level buff.

Meals MerchandiseSpawn LocationBuffs
BukeperryEnemy dropsN/A (neutralises different energetic meals buffs by inflicting your character to vomit)
BlueberryBlack Forest biome8 HP, 25 Stamina (for 600 seconds)
CarrotCultivated from seeds discovered within the Black Forest biome10 HP, 32 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
CloudberryPlains biome13 HP, 40 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
HoneyBeehive (participant base construction)8 HP, 35 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
MushroomMeadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes15 HP, 15 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
OnionCultivated from seeds discovered within the Mountains biome13 HP, 40 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
RaspberryMeadows biome7 HP, 20 Stamina (for 600 seconds)
Yellow MushroomBurial Chambers, Troll Caves, and Sunken Crypts10 HP, 30 Stamina (for 600 seconds)

Valheim: Cooking Station recipes

The Cooking Station means that you can course of uncooked meats into one thing edible. With the Fireplace & Dwelling replace, gone are the times of generic meat and its barely unappetising implications. Now the sport tracks which animal you harvested a bit of meat from and offers a singular meals buff accordingly.

Meals MerchandiseBuffs
Cooked Boar Meat30 HP, 10 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Expensive Meat35 HP, 12 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Fish45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Lox Meat50 HP, 16 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Serpent Meat70 HP, 23 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Cooked Wolf Meat45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Grilled Neck Tail25 HP, 8 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)

Valheim: Cauldron recipes

The Cauldron has seen essentially the most vital adjustments within the Fireplace & Dwelling replace. Along with getting a heap of latest recipes, the Cauldron now has a number of improve ranges affecting what recipes you possibly can prepare dinner. In case you’re one of many many gamers questioning why you possibly can’t prepare dinner sausages any extra, it is since you now have to improve your Cauldron to Stage 2 (Spice Rack) and have butchered a selected animal (Boar) for its meat.

Meals MerchandiseElementsCauldron StageBuffs
Black SoupBloodbag x1, Honey x1, Turnip x1Stage 1 (base)50 HP, 17 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Boar JerkyBoar Meat x1, Honey x1 (yields 2)Stage 1 (base)20 HP, 20 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Carrot SoupCarrot x3, Mushroom x1Stage 1 (base)15 HP, 45 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Deer StewCooked Expensive Meat x1, Carrot x1, Blueberry x1Stage 1 (base)40 HP, 13 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Minced Meat SauceBoar Meat x1, Neck Tail x1, Carrot x1Stage 1 (base)45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Onion SoupOnion x3Stage 1 (base)12 HP, 60 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Queens JamRaspberries x8, Blueberries x6 (yields 4)Stage 1 (base)14 HP, 40 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Turnip StewTurnips x3, Uncooked Meat x1Stage 1 (base)18 HP, 55 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
MuckshakeBlueberries x2, Raspberries x2, Ooze x1Stage 2 (Spice Rack)16 HP, 50 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
SausagesBoar Meat x1, Entrails x4, Thistle x1 (yields 4)Stage 2 (Spice Rack)55 HP, 18 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Serpent StewCooked Serpent Meat x1, Mushroom x1, Honey x2Stage 2 (Spice Rack)80 HP, 26 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
EyescreamGreydwarf Eye x3, Freeze Gland x1Stage 3 (Butcher’s Desk)21 HP, 65 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Wolf JerkyWolf Meat x1, Honey x1 (yields 2)Stage 3 (Butcher’s Desk)30 HP, 30 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Wolf SkewerWolf Meat x1, Mushroom x2, Onion x1Stage 3 (Butcher’s Desk)65 HP, 13 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Blood PuddingBloodbag x2, Barley Flour x4, Thistle x2Stage 4 (Pots and Pans)23 HP, 70 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Bread DoughBarley Flour x10Stage 4 (Pots and Pans)N/A (end in Stone Oven)
Fish WrapsCooked Fish x2, Barley Flour x4Stage 4 (Pots and Pans)70 HP, 23 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Raw Lox PieLox Meat x2, Cloudberries x2, Barley Flour x4Stage 4 (Pots and Pans)N/A (end in Stone Oven)

Valheim: Stone Oven recipes

The Stone Oven is a brand new cooking mechanic added in Valheim’s Fireplace & Dwelling replace. Proper now there are solely two recipes that use the oven, however they do present among the highest meals buffs within the recreation.

Base DishMeals MerchandiseBuffs
Bread DoughBread25 HP, 75 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Raw Lox PieLox Meat Pie75 HP, 24 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)

You are sure to desire a drink to go together with all this wealthy Viking meals, so be sure you take a look at our information to brewing mead in the Fermenter. And in the event you’d reasonably order in than prepare dinner tonight, discover ways to summon pre-prepared dishes utilizing console instructions with our Valheim cheats guide.


Lastly, in the event you clicked on this information by chance since you wished the opposite sort of seed that is not for rising recipe components, we have got you coated with our best Valheim seeds web page.


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