Marvel Champions: 10 Strongest Heroes, Ranked


Marvel Champions lets gamers step into the footwear of a number of well-known Marvel heroes, however the sport’s deck-building guidelines imply that it may be arduous to evaluate the effectiveness of any given character. Whereas every comes with fifteen playing cards that they need to embody of their deck for all video games, gamers choose the opposite 25 to 35 from an ever-growing pool of fundamental and side playing cards.

This deck-building technique helps forestall energy creep, and it additionally signifies that some initially underwhelming characters have since grow to be rather more playable. Additionally necessary to recollect is that Marvel Champions performs very in another way in solo mode in comparison with multiplayer. Whereas extra centered characters wrestle to do every thing themselves, they’re nonetheless powerhouses when teammates will help cowl their weaknesses.


10 Thor

Thor could also be one of many strongest Avengers in most Marvel media, however followers did not reply very positively to the God of Thunder’s preliminary launch in Marvel Champions. Whereas most heroes have some degree of versatility constructed into their hero decks that permits them to discover varied playstyles, the one factor that Thor did effectively was kill minions.

Nonetheless, since Thor’s launch, a number of minion-heavy villains and Aggression playing cards that synergize with minion killing have been launched. Thor’s comparatively restricted playstyle nonetheless makes him a poor alternative for solo video games, however he now has sufficient instruments obtainable to make him a power to be reckoned with in multiplayer.


9 Iron Man

When he is up and working, Iron Man is an extremely highly effective character. The problem for a lot of gamers is that it takes a number of turns to get Tony Stark combat-ready. As one would count on, Iron Man is all about upgrades. Whereas his base stats are low, varied tech upgrades increase Iron Man’s stats effectively above another character within the sport.

As a result of he can get upgrades out extra rapidly in alter-ego kind, many gamers want to place him within the Justice side. This lets Tony take care of constructing menace ranges that come from staying in alter-ego.


8 Spider-Man

Like his comedian counterpart, Peter Parker is a hero that villains have a tough time laying a success on. Spider-Man could have come pre-paired with a Justice deck within the Marvel Champions core set, however he shines in multiplayer video games within the Safety affiliation. Spider-Man’s base protection of three signifies that he can tank a number of hits along with his regular protection, so he pairs effectively with playing cards like Indomitable or Knowledgeable Protection that allow him prepared after defending towards an assault. His backflip hero card can also be unbelievable because it lets him take zero harm from an assault no matter its energy.

7 Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff is likely one of the quickest males alive, and his unbelievable velocity is mirrored in Marvel Champions by his means to prepared himself after performing a fundamental motion. Whereas that is good for attacking or thwarting twice, it additionally signifies that he can defend with out sacrificing actions on his subsequent flip.


Quicksilver additionally has a useful alter-ego means, Superpowered Siblings, that lets him discard two playing cards to attract two. It is a nice method to biking via lifeless playing cards for one thing extra helpful, and he will get to attract a 3rd card if Scarlet Witch can also be in play.

6 Gamora

Gamora is likely one of the bravest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and she or he’s additionally one of the crucial standard characters in Marvel Champions. Gamora is one in every of few heroes that may embody playing cards from a number of points in her deck. This twist makes her a flexible character that is in a position to adapt to completely different villains and schemes.


Gamora’s massive bonus is that she does one free harm when she performs a thwart occasion and thwarts one menace when she performs an assault occasion (as soon as per flip for every). This means is unbelievable in solo video games the place scheme menace limits and enemy well being are low, nevertheless it’s barely much less impactful in multiplayer video games because the energy/thwart does not scale per participant like enemies do.

5 Captain America

Captain America was one of many earliest character packs launched for Marvel Champions, and he instantly established himself as a powerhouse for each solo and group play. That is true for the Marvel Comics model of Captain America, who ranks as the most effective Avenger on account of his masterful combating means.


Steve Rogers is not the only greatest character at something within the sport, however he is good at completely every thing. With the unpredictability in Marvel Champions, the dearth of a obtrusive weak point signifies that Captain America gamers hardly ever discover themselves in a nasty matchup. Steve additionally will get to begin every sport along with his well-known vibranium protect, so he is very constant and may get into motion immediately on flip one.

4 Spider-Lady

There have been extra since her launch, however Spider-Lady, in any of her plentiful alternate variations, was the primary character to make use of playing cards from a number of points concurrently. Utilizing a number of points provides her unbelievable versatility and lets her thrive in both solo or multiplayer video games.


Her low fundamental stats could look like a draw back, however she will get +1 to her Assault, Thwart, and protection for every completely different side she performs a card from every flip. Whereas this does imply that the occasional awful draw can depart her briefly hobbled, it isn’t very difficult to spice up her stats as much as common or greater.

3 Ant-Man

Ant-Man and the Wasp have been the primary two heroes to have greater than two types. Whereas each have hero and commonplace alter-ego sides, their character playing cards unfold to disclose a second hero kind. Ant-Man has confirmed to be the extra versatile of the 2 Pym-powered heroes, and he excels with a number of nice character playing cards that reap the benefits of his tiny and large types.


Military of Ants (which Scott has three of in his hero deck) let gamers do one harm to something per flip per card. Whereas this does not look like a lot, it permits ant-man ping to Robust off enemies or take out low-health minions with out utilizing his fundamental actions. Ant-Man’s helmet can also be unbelievable and lets him draw a card or heal each time he alters hero types.

2 Venom

Followers have been excited and confused when knowledge leaks confirmed the Venom was going to be releasing in the course of a number of Guardians of the Galaxy packs, nevertheless it made a little bit extra sense when it was revealed that this character is the Flash Thompson host of the Venom symbiote, who spent a little bit of time with the Guardians.


Venom focuses on utilizing weapons, and his distinctive Multi-Gun provides gamers a number of damaging and thwarting choices. Venom’s means to generate a wild useful resource in alternate for taking one harm means Flash can play extra playing cards per flip than most heroes, and Undertaking Rebirth 2.0 lets him draw or heal every time he flips to his alter-ego.

1 Dr. Unusual

When he was launched, Dr. Unusual was the strongest character within the sport, and nothing has modified within the 15 months since. The Sorceror Supreme’s distinctive gimmick is his invocation deck, a set of 5 spells that exist aside from his commonplace hero deck. He can solely play the highest card and should exhaust after utilizing a spell, however his deck comprises a number of methods to cycle playing cards, prepared himself, or reuse spells greater than as soon as in a row.


The result’s that Unusual needs to make use of most of his assets for enjoying spell playing cards, so his side alternative is comparatively inconsequential. One highly effective choice is to play Safety and fill his deck with therapeutic playing cards to maintain him from having to flip to his alter-ego too usually.

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