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Drug growth is a extremely aggressive house and the details about gene improvements is scattered throughout multiples sources, which makes the gene scouting course of time consuming and tedious.

We’re excited to announce you can now prioritize genes with Leo, your AI analysis assistant.


Let’s stroll via an instance of how you might use Leo to prioritize a gene. Think about you lead a analysis program about immuno-oncology at a biotech startup and also you need to observe any updates about IL33.

Lower via the noise

You possibly can prepare Leo to learn your biopharma feeds and prioritize articles associated to IL33.

Leo prioritizes IL33 in your biopharma feeds

Leo constantly reads the 1000’s of articles printed in your feeds. It’s an environment friendly method to reduce via the noise and sustain with the most recent information about methodologies and scientific trials.

You’re in management

We’ve skilled Leo to know 42,000 genes and 185,000 aliases from the NCBI database. This database belongs to the US Nationwide Library of Medication and is utilized by main web sites equivalent to PubMed and ClinicalTrials.gov.


Asking Leo to prioritize “IL33” in any of your biopharma feeds is so simple as creating a brand new Matter precedence and choosing “IL33” as the subject.

If you create an “IL33” precedence, Leo will probably be in search of all of the aliases of “IL33“. What’s greatest is that these aliases have been all disambiguated, which suggests Leo is aware of which aliases consult with genes, and which consult with unrelated matters, so that you might be positive you’re prioritizing the correct content material.

Leo will probably be in search of IL33 and its 11 aliases as categorized by NCBI

You possibly can combine topics with +AND and +OR and create much more focused priorities for Leo.

Leo constantly learns

Leo is wise. He constantly learns out of your suggestions. When Leo is improper, you need to use the ‘Much less Like This’ down arrow button to let him know that an article he’s prioritized isn’t about cardiovascular ailments.

Downvote an article to inform Leo when he’s improper

See how Feedly for Biopharma will help you and your staff dig deeper into the genes you’re researching.


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