Flynn: Son Of Crimson Is Now Out there


The Peace of Rosantica is Threatened As soon as Once more

The peaceable and exquisite island of Rosantica is underneath menace as soon as extra by a relentless evil. The magical barrier between Rosantica and The Scourge has began to crack, permitting harmful creatures to slowly seep again in to try to take over the island. Flynn stumbles upon this invasion and discovers he should arise towards The Scourge to cease its unfold into Rosantica. Accompanied by his legendary companion Dex, Guardian Spirit of the Land, Flynn shall be challenged by the evil from The Scourge and its highly effective overlord.

Basic 2D Motion Platformer

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a handcrafted 2D motion platformer that may take you on a journey of discovery and battle as you study to grasp the artwork of Crimson Power. Assist Flynn and Dex save Rosantica earlier than the evil from The Scourge claims his dwelling.

Flynn and Dex

Summon your legendary companion and protector Dex in instances of want and battle alongside her as you’re employed to save lots of Rosantica. Dex will excel in crushing robust partitions and slashing/biting her method via hordes of enemies. She’s the perfect doggo a boy like Flynn may hope for!

The bond between Flynn and Dex is one in every of friendship, mutual safety and love for each other. With the upcoming menace coming from The Scourge, Flynn and Dex cost snout-first into battle.

Discover Rosantica and The Scourge World

Discover Rosantica and its distinctive areas, every full of historical mysteries to be found. Acquire relics alongside your journey and uncover new paths as you battle your option to victory.

The Scourge is a darkish world, full of hate, making an attempt to infest and destroy the fantastic thing about Rosantica. You will have to enter this sinister world to tackle Zealock, Lord of this dimension, and his mysterious dagger wielding warrior, Rozia.

Embrace the Energy of Crimson Power

Flynn discovers he has powers he by no means knew about from a lineage that may be a thriller. Uncover the ability of Crimson Power and assist Flynn to grasp this new a part of him.

The Crimson Sword, a staple in Flynn’s arsenal, is the primary weapon of Crimson vitality gifted to Flynn by the Goddess Sorrell throughout a good time of want. Unlock piercing dashes and uppercuts to destroy these nasty foes.

The Crimson Axe calls for exact timing and enemy prediction, buying and selling the fast cuts of the crimson sword for a weighty windup. Use the axe to crush your enemy’s shields, and smash brittle partitions to entry new areas with brute drive.

The Crimson Claws are a swift and energetic set of weapons used to stagger enemies with excessive assault velocity and air superiority. Unleash your internal wildcat with distinctive wall leaping and spiral drill assaults to tear into enemies at a speedy tempo.

Turn into a True Grasp of the Parts

Elemental Magic within the type of fireplace, ice, and lightning shall be unlocked via a pure mutation with the flora of Rosantica.


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