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Aragami 2 overview: a breezy ninja stealth ’em up


‘Breezy’ looks like an odd phrase to slap on a stealth recreation – a measured, generally plodding style – however it matches ninj-em-up Aragami 2 completely. Circulate like water, it says; stabby water, with wings. Circulate, then, like an irresponsibly sharp ice-sculpture of a hummingbird. Circulate imperfectly and playfully, for a similar instruments that will let you strike masterfully silent additionally allow you to mitigate sloppiness with improvisational glee. If Tenchu was an armoury to pick out from, and Shadow Ways a map to review, Aragami 2 is a toybox. Let’s play ninjas, lets?


And “play” is essential. As a result of there’s enjoying a recreation, within the operational sense, after which there’s enjoying inside of 1. If Agent 47 is Ian Hitman, so should our masked protagonist be Gary Aragami. Gary is, so far as I’m involved, enjoying costume up as a ninja, and having the grandest time doing it. Gary’s contemporaries discuss of private codes and honour. Gary teleports from roof to rafter in a Kitsune masks, drop-kicking guards, and gently whispering, “lol you simply bought knocked out by a fox m8,” into their unconscious earholes.


Motion isn’t just the perfect factor about Aragami 2 – it’s the solely really beauty of it. However, oh boy, it’s so releasing that it makes all the recreation. “Good rope, nerd”, Gary scoffs at gaming’s latest obsession with grappling hooks, then teleports onto your mantlepiece and boots your commemorative plates to demise. Leap. Double soar. Air enhance. Ledge seize. Fly as much as Torii gate. Plunge your sword into an unsuspecting neck. Dishonored-blink again up and drop behind the guard who simply got here to test the physique. Do all of it earlier than the primary grunt is aware of he’s lifeless but.

A stamina bar prevents you from limitless, uninterrupted strings of clandestine acrobatics, however it primarily gives a way of rhythm to your motion moderately than hindering your circulate. Its presence is generally felt in melee, which is manageable in opposition to one opponent however feels intentionally discouraged in opposition to teams. That’s fantastic! It’s a stealth recreation! Study to stealth, you graceless rhino! Apart from, most slip-ups are mitigated by a couple of teleports and a pleasant lie-down in some tall grass till all the map forgets in regards to the magic blur in an oni masks that simply gutted their commander.


Doesn’t this all make it really feel a bit too simple; a contact weightless, although? Sure and no. It’s forgiving, however you’ll get killed in a short time for those who attempt to act the Captain Cojones and brute drive too onerous. Phases characteristic a number of ranges of elevation, with interlocking patrol teams the place the outermost guard of 1 space ultimately crosses sightlines with that of the subsequent. You possibly can simply convey a mob down on you, or get fried by fireballs flung from a watchtower above. Guards can climb, too. Gary can take valuable little injury, and failure comes rapidly and abruptly.

“Love stealth, me, however it takes ages. I’ve solely fifteen minutes earlier than my face explodes.” Is that this you? No worries. You would be out and in of most of those 51 missions in below ten. Or, you may grasp round for half an hour gathering gold and silently offing all the map. Or, you may return and speedrun earlier missions for a greater rank and rewards. The draw back to that is that there are solely round a dozen precise places, however some are big, and the sport does an excellent job repurposing them with totally different patrols and the like.


A ninja looks over a town from a rooftop in Aragami 2

Every mission is goal primarily based, and later targets do their greatest to information you into bettering. Keep in mind whenever you had however one assassination goal? How we chuckled! Now it’s important to kill six and loot their our bodies for scrolls. No shuriken cheese for you! Keep in mind whenever you averted getting noticed on the way in which in by sticking to excessive floor? Now it’s important to carry a hostage out, over your shoulders, stopping you from teleporting or utilizing weapons. There’s some heft to those later challenges, particularly if you wish to carry out properly, however by no means sufficient to stodge up the breezy loop of mission – hub – tools – upgrades – mission.

A collection of ninjas stand in a line while a female master paces up and down in Aragami 2
The loneliest quantity

Aragami 2, like its predecessor, options co-op, right here for as much as three nice mates. “Stealth co-op!” I mentioned “Color me the intrigued color! Consider the chances!” Sadly, whereas the sport options matchmaking, if anybody was on-line, they’re higher ninjas than I, as a result of they had been all invisible. I didn’t get to strive it out.

Oh, proper, yeah. Magic! Gary can also be magic. Listed here are some Gary magics: Gary can whistle. Not very magical, however fairly helpful. Gary can summon a shadow Gary to stealth kill two guards directly. Fairly magical, imo. Gary can do a ‘recover from right here’ and suck guards instantly in direction of Gary’s fist. I name it the ‘Mike Dyson’. There’s lots extra, some geared in direction of stealth, some in direction of violence. My fave continues to be a well-timed smoke bomb, although.


I mentioned up high that motion was the one really beauty of Aragami 2, and I’d wish to make clear that. The sport does really feel, in a world of Hitmans and Desperados, a contact mild. The excellence between being light-weight and light-on-its-feet is necessary, although. A treatment to cerebral, difficult stealth sims is definitely not unwelcome. One thing that feels simply as suited to a 15 minute jaunt as settling in for a protracted sesh of nailing that good ghost run. It completely channels highlights from the previous three many years of stealth-action, however it additionally information lots of the bumpy bits off. Immediacy over complexity.

A ninja in a kitsune fox mask stands in front of a village inside a huge cave in Aragami 2

“Aragami 2 completely channels highlights from the previous three many years of stealth-action, however it additionally information lots of the bumpy bits off. Immediacy over complexity.”


So stage design is – some enjoyable verticality apart – nothing exceptional. Missions are forgiving, as is the rating system. AI is simply sensible sufficient to lend stealth a satisfying energy fantasy, however by no means sufficient to supply head-scratchers. Presentation isn’t all roses, both. The writing is apparent. I fell via a couple of ground textures, and the stealth-kill from cowl animation is totally borked. Visually, it is extra constant than the unique, though the cel-shading is way much less distinctive.

Nonetheless, for those who’re the kind of participant that bought all of the Tenchu feels throughout Sekiro when hardcore own-name enjoyer Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa referred to as his horse ‘Onikage’, I reckon you’ll have a cracking time with Aragami 2. It actually does remind me of PS2-era stealth, simply with fantastically responsive, flowing motion, and snackable tempo. Once more, it’s not a sim: it’s a toy. And that’s simply peachy. All of us have to seize a plastic katana and leap round the home like a dickhead generally.


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